Welcome to CPRS Hamilton!

August 21, 2015
Alex Sevigny and Lisa Stocco

We represent the professional community of public relations and communications practitioners in Hamilton, Halton, Niagara and Southwestern Ontario. We support our members by offering professional development, networking, exposure, and business development.

Public relations and communications is a dynamic and growing profession. The rise of the internet and the transformative power of social media are completely changing the way we live, socialize, define ourselves and do business. The change is so fundamental and complete that many management experts argue we have entered a completely new era – the Information Age. This massive change toward the necessity of two-way communications has vaulted public relations and communications management into a strategic leadership position – a position reinforced by our focus on stakeholder research and intelligence for decision-making. These skills create enormous opportunities for practitioners.

At CPRS Hamilton, we believe that public relations and communications management practitioners are the trust, reputation and relationships professionals – crucial elements of business success in the Information Age.

One of the key objectives of CPRS Hamilton is to raise awareness in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors about the strategic value of public relations and the necessity to invest in public relations as a leadership function – to give professional communications a seat at the management table.

CPRS Hamilton offers a number of opportunities for our members to professionally expand their knowledge, networks and themselves as public relations and communications professionals:

  • Professional development by industry leaders and academics to bring your practice to the cutting edge. In the past, we have offered sessions by Dan Tisch (Argyle Public Relationships), Dave Scholz (Léger Marketing), Katie Paine (Paine Publishing), Andrew Laing (Cormex Research), Jacquie Hoornweg (OPG), Gary Grates (W2O Group), amongst many other leaders in a variety of formats, including panel sessions, lectures, seminars, webinars, and hands-on workshops.
  • Exciting networking opportunities for both novice and seasoned practitioners, such as our very popular Pintsized Social Media series – informal conversations about a social media topic at a local pub.
  • We also offer business development opportunities, such as StartUP with CPRS Hamilton, in which we partner with innovation and entrepreneurship centres to offer free public relations counsel to start-ups and small businesses in a fun, speed-dating format; our website features consultants listing and profiles of our members.
  • Education and advocacy is a priority. We actively engaged with the Chambers of Commerce in Southwestern Ontario and have started a blog platform, “Trust Matters” which underlines the importance of trust to success in business and how public relations and communications management practitioners are the trust, relationships, and reputation professionals.
  • Each of our members voluntarily signs on to a rigorous Ethical Code, which provides clients with the assurance of sound and ethical practice.
  • A comprehensive and structured Mentorship Program that connects junior and intermediate members and students with mentors who can provide them with guidance.
  • Membership benefits such as access to privileged rates on insurance, UPS shipping and many others.

This is just a brief overview of what we do at CPRS Hamilton and we what we offer you as a member, employer or client.

We warmly invite you to apply to join our growing community of trust, reputation and relationships professionals.

Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR
Co-President, CPRS Hamilton

Lisa Stocco, APR
Co-President, CPRS Hamilton