We Salute You - The Communications Heroes

17 April 2020

Dear Members,

We're living in uncharted times. It's not a stretch to suggest that every aspect of our being - how we work, learn, shop, relax, socialize, grow professionally, and more - has been radically impacted by COVID-19.

CPRS Hamilton would like to acknowledge those who are working to support our health and well-being on the frontlines - the first responders, medical and healthcare professionals, grocery store and restaurant workers, transit and transportation operators, farmers, and government workers to name just a few.

But we would also like to take a moment to acknowledge some hidden heroes in this pandemic - all of you - the professional communicators. We know that you're working selflessly and tirelessly to keep your stakeholders informed and sustain the important relationships that underpin the success of your respective organizations or those of your clients.

We see you. We salute you. And we thank you for everything that you're doing to keep people safe, calm, optimistic and connected.

As communicators, we often work quietly in the background, enabling so many areas of our organizations to flourish. While we are not always visible, the strategy, speeches, briefings, and copy we provide are important points of contact that build understanding and create a sense of belonging at a time when life-saving health directives must keep us physically separated.

Whether you're providing health and safety-related information, running an engagement campaign, managing risk or crisis communications, executing change management communications, handling media relations, uncovering the stories that explain the impact of your organizations or your clients, delivering leadership communications or any other effort in between, your work is critically important. You share knowledge and create social cohesion.

Thank you for representing our profession so capably. Through the example you're setting and the invaluable contributions you are making, you are advancing the reputation and renown of communicators everywhere.

As always, our Society is here to support you - our members. Please let us know what else we can do to help.

Christine Szustaczek, MCM, APR
Dustin Manley, MA, APR, CMP