Starting a journey of learning and discovery

October 28, 2016

The 2016-2017 CPRS Hamilton Mentorship Program begins its 10th year

A new season of the CPRS Hamilton Mentorship Program has officially begun! The program matches senior practitioners with junior to intermediate PR practitioners and students. On October 12, 2016, the program kicked off its 10th year.

CPRS Hamilton Co-President and long-time mentor Mark Gregory speaks with mentee Tianna about career goals and areas of interest.

Mentee Katherine has a short five-minutes to speak with mentor Roxanne Torbiak during the speed mentoring activity at the first mentorship event.

Mentees, eager to learn from seasoned communications professionals, are looking for guidance, career advice and conversations that will assist in achieving their professional goals. Mentors will share their experiences, lessons learned and facilitate dialogue to gain insights and different perspective from mentees.

The program’s first event began with greetings from CPRS Hamilton Co-President and long-time mentor Mark Gregory. After reviewing program details, program participants discussed their idea about what is and is not a mentor.

Then the exciting part of the event commenced – speed mentoring. Influenced by the popular speed dating concept, speed mentoring allows mentors and mentees to have a quick five-minute introduction and opportunity to get to know one another.

Considering first impressions, professional interests and career goals, mentors and mentees selected their top three partner choices. Then after reviewing the selection sheets, applications and areas of interest, the mentorship committee carefully matched mentors and mentees.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Mentorship Matches:

  • Daryl Barnhart – Hilary Tanouye
  • Susan Emigh – Tina Depko-Denver
  • Mark Gregory – Elizabeth Kosturik
  • Janine Ivings – Katherine Bradshaw
  • Rick Mauro – Megan Gowans
  • Gordon Neufeld – Andrea Cooke
  • David Rowney – Dustin Manley
  • Hilary Sadler – Megan Abbey
  • Dr. Alex Sevigny – Simone Mekli
  • Brenda Sweeney – Roxane Belanger
  • Roxanne Torbiak – Jennifer Hartman
  • Allyson Wenzowski – Tianna Hernandez

A special thank you to The Hamilton Spectator for generously providing a venue space, and to All in Place Communications and Creative Design for being the evening’s catering sponsor.