Mentee Spotlight: Satinder Heir

July 30, 2016

Satinder Heir
Mentee: 2012-13 (also a Mentorship Committee member from 2013-15)

Who was your Mentor?

Mark Gregory

What made you want to apply for the Mentorship program?

I really liked the idea of having a mentor that could offer guidance and coaching in this field, since I had no prior exposure to the PR field. Also, it seemed like a great way to network and connect with people who had similar interests.

What did you learn and gain from being a part of the Mentorship program?

I definitely learned a lot from this program; how to write a great resume, elevator speeches, the relevance of upcoming/new social media platforms. The biggest gain for me would be the on-going relationship that I have with my Mentor. From the very beginning, Mark told me that he would be a Mentor for life and he really has lived by those words.

Tell us a little bit about your current role.

I currently work as a Store Communications Analyst for Loblaw Companies Limited. My team manages the Store Intranet sites for all of our banners. I provide strategic communications counsel and tactical support to internal clients on new programs and initiatives. I manage our SharePoint libraries for our clients to store and organize information. I am actually joining the PR Team in a few weeks, can’t wait!