Mentee Spotlight: Paul Jones

April 7, 2016

Paul Jones
Former mentee

Current Role
Intranet Coordinator at AMEC Foster Wheeler

What year were you a Mentee? 2009-2010

Who was your Mentor? Dave Smouter, Senior Communications Advisor at City of Brampton

What made you want to apply for the Mentorship program?
I was struggling with finding a position in PR and I thought that by joining the Mentorship program I would a) gain some experience in being a communications professional, and b) make some valuable connections with established professionals in the industry.

What did you learn and gain from being a part of the Mentorship program?
Being a part of the Mentorship program showed me what I wanted out of a career in communications. Dave provided opportunities for informational interviews where I was able to meet with a number of people in different aspects of the industry allowing me to focus my efforts and concentrate on those areas that I knew would be the right fit for me. It also helped me in becoming a stronger writer and (especially where I currently work) looking at things from a global perspective when planning communications.

Tell us a little bit about your current role.
Currently, I’m the News and Intranet Coordinator at Amec Foster Wheeler. This role puts me in contact with the entire organization both internally and externally as I research and write articles for publication in our weekly emails, quarterly publications, or help to produce media releases. I also assist users on getting the most out of our intranet, promoting their successes and ensuring our employees are recognized as experts in their field.