Mentee Spotlight: Connor McGee

July 30, 2016


Connor McGee
CPRS Hamilton Mentee: 2014/15

Who was your Mentor?

Kim Sopko.

What made you want to apply for the Mentorship program?

The idea of joining the professional world was a daunting reality throughout my time as an undergraduate student. I knew what my interests were but had little to no idea how to implement them into any kind of meaningful career. It was this fear and lack of direction that inspired me to get involved with the CPRS.

What did you learn and gain from being a part of the Mentorship program?

Above all else, I learned to be confident. I understand how cliche this may sound but the support the CPRS has given to me as an aspiring public relations practitioner has been phenomenal. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is great, but having a network of people with whom you can talk about your goals is even better.

In more tangible terms the biggest learning experience for me came from resume critiques and interview workshops. I’m not one who struggles to hold a conversation, but to turn that interpersonal enthusiasm into something meaningful while under the scrutiny of an employer is something else.

Tell us a little bit about your current role.

I’m graduating from McMaster University this spring, from a joint degree/diploma program which combines Communications Studies and Public Relations Management. This past year I’ve been implementing my skills as much as possible by working as an undergraduate teaching assistant for Dr. Terry Flynn’s introduction to public relations, the social media coordinator for the McMaster Students Union, and as a Residence Orientation Advisor for McMaster Residence Life. These three positions have been awesome for improving my organization and communication skills in a work environment.

In my spare time, I’ve been fortunate to serve as the President of the Communications and MultiMedia Student Society. This allowed me the opportunity to act as a judge for the CSMMSS strategic communications competition, StratComm, to help future students grow professionally. My own professional skills were put to the test in a similar competition run by Grip Limited, a marketing firm in Toronto. I, alongside colleagues from McMaster, was very proud to have placed second out of 15 other teams from post-grad marketing programs across the province. The cherry on top was being offered a job position afterward. Stay hungry students, opportunities are out there if you’re willing to work for them!

It’s been a whirlwind year but the adventure is only just beginning. As I write this I am 17 days away from flying to India for a brief teaching contract before moving away to New Zealand for a working tourist visa. Wish me luck!

Shout out to Kim for being the best mentor in the world!