CPRS Hamilton: Making a Good Impression Workshop

By: Brier Barclay
PR Student, Niagara College and CPRS Hamilton Mentorship Participant

30 March 2021

The CPRS Hamilton Making a Good Impression - Professional Acumen in the Workplace session was informative, compelling and extremely helpful for soon-to-be grads in public relations. Here are my three key takeaways:

No. 1 - Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Asking questions does not show your employers weakness or insecurity. Throughout this session, we were reminded that asking questions shows engagement, curiosity and the willingness to expand on prior learnings. It can be hard to break away from this mindset, but we learned ways to become more comfortable when asking questions. First, find someone who is of equal standing to you in the office to ask for guidance, or simply find someone in which you are comfortable speaking to. Second, suggest a brainstorming session to your group. This way everyone will be sharing thoughts and asking questions in a shared, open-communication space.

No. 2 – Make your goals and communication styles known.

The main thing your employer wants to know from you is what you want out of the experience. Clearly showcase your professional goals so they can effectively prepare you for your future aspirations. Another important take away is to make sure you not only express your own preferred communication styles, but to understand your employer’s as well. Do you prefer emails to phone-calls? Do you enjoy the open communication of group sessions, or would you prefer one-on-one communication? These are important traits you should share with all future employers to guarantee clear understanding and success.

No. 3 – Interviews are where you connect and attract your future employers to your work; show your eagerness to learn, always.

Your employers know that you don’t know every single skill that is listed on the job posting. Show sincerity by expressing where you plan to expand your knowledge through the role. That being said, you still need to research the company you’re applying for. Know what makes them unique and what they are talking about on their social platforms. This will help you make a great first impression.