How To Get The Most Out Of Your Public Relations Program

April 27, 2017
Graeme Collins

The Public Relations Graduate Certificate program atNiagaraCollegehas been a fantastic experience, and I credit all my success to one piece of advice: take advantage of opportunities.

It seems like a simple piece of advice, but by fully committing your time to put your knowledge from the program into practice, you fast-track your learning in ways you cannot believe. It is fine to learn the basics of PR and what is expected of you, but until you place yourself in the field and gain real-world experience, the teaching is useless.

Throughout the program, I have learned the basic ways to create a media release, pitch the media or create a communications plan. It wasn’t until I was interning at aPublic Relations Agency that I learned how to handle a disgruntled media person who did not want to be pitched. I didn’t realize the complexity of a communications plan until I was creating one for an expo in Toronto. I had no idea the level of flexibility that is required from PR professionals until I was creating media releases for real events and advisories for different organizations.

By taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves over the course of the program, you will not just increase your knowledge of the PR industry but will build a strong resume as well. Employers want to hire people who have experience because those people have a more developed knowledge of the industry and its expectations.

Completing a Public Relations program with as much real-world experience as possible will ensure that you are setting yourself up for success, and will make your time in the program more productive. So when an opportunity presents itself, make sure you are the first to volunteer.

What tips do you have for Public Relations students?

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