#ElevatePR Conferences



Date and Times: March 31, 2021 – April 1, 2021 1:00pm – 5:00pm (EST)

Location: Online event


  • CPRS members whose membership is current and in good standing with the society as of March 22, 2021: Free
  • Pinnacles Awards’ applicants: Free
  • Non-CPRS members: $99 one day; $149 full two-day conference

Join us for #ELEVATEPR7 - a two-afternoon conference designed to fit your altered workday! Six fantastic speakers will share their insights on topics including leadership, healthcare and indigenous communications, relationship management, and more. We will also be revealing our Pinnacle Award winners at the event.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to celebrate, network, and learn with us!

Wednesday, March 31 (1:00pm - 4:30pm):

It's a well-known fact that organizations need to build relationships with their key stakeholders in order to be successful. Drawing from her research of Canadian non-profits, Julia Rim Shepard, MCM, APR, CMP (ProSci), Director of Strategic Communications at Future Skills Centre, will investigate which organizational functions are best poised to build these relationships and will offer suggestions on effective relationship management.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested hospitals like never before. Caroline Bourque Wiley, MCM, APR, Chief Communications Officer of Niagara Health, will take you behind the scenes as she shares her top 10 lessons learned from leading the communications strategy at Niagara Health, a multi-site hospital with more than 6,000 staff, physicians, volunteers and learners.

With a career that spans several sectors, including corporate (public/private), crown, regulatory, government, academic, and not-for-profit/community, Dr. Paul K. Bates, M.T.S., DPT, FCPA, FCMA, CMC, will share his research and reflections as gathered from his four decades in various leadership roles.

Thursday, April 1 (1:00pm - 5:00pm):

Thursday, April 1 (1:00pm - 5:00pm):

Eileen Marlowe, MCM, Indigenous Relations Advisor for the Government of Northwest Territories, is well-versed on the topic of Indigenous communications. She will speak to how industry and other organizations can better engage in meaningful communications with Indigenous governments and communities.

It's true that everyone communicates, but do we all connect? Parm Chohan, MCM, Owner of CQ.M Change Agents, will share principles and practices that will help develop the crucial skill of connecting. Through this session, attendees will learn important skills that can be help enhance one's personal development and professional growth.

We are thrilled to welcome Cindy Yelle, President and CEO of the Canadian Olympic Foundation (COF), as the keynote speaker of #ELEVATEPR7. Cindy will speak on the topic of authentic leadership, leveraging her current experience at COF, as well as her nine years of experience serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Rehabilitation Foundation, University Health Network.

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Great sessions, well planned having #ELEVATEPR6 over the two afternoons. Good to learn about new developments in our profession, and always good to hear Michael Meath’s advice.Susan Emigh, Director, Public Relations, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University

A great, well-organized and engaging virtual event.Tayjua Squire, Communications Advisor, Town of Milton