2017 Professional Development Survey Results

January 31, 2017

Professional Development (PD) Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the CPRS Hamilton Professional Development survey in December 2016, which was aimed at discovering your needs and interests for PD.

Thirty people completed the survey. Here’s what you told us:

  • You have deep experience in the field

While approximately 50% of respondents have been a member of CPRS Hamilton for 5 years or less, 60% of respondents have worked in a related field for 10 years or more. A suggestion was made to offer sessions that appeal to both beginners and experts, recognizing the opportunity for each group to learn from one another.

  • Both online and in person formats are your first choice, however, practical applications, real-world examples, and a formal structure work well

The most popular choice of format was in person, applied learning workshop (80%), followed by a tie for in person keynote lecture with Q&A (73%) and online webinar/presentation (73%), and informal hook ups/discussions at pubs (50%)

  • Learning and networking are your primary motivators for professional development

The top motivator was learning the material presented (86.7%), followed by networking (70%), enhancing one’s professional profile (66.7%) and earning accreditation maintenance points. Other comments included a desire to socialize with colleagues or to add new clients.

  • Your are interested in a wide range of topics for PD

The most popular topics chosen were measurement (70%), social media (66.7%), reputation management (60%), managing owned media channels like websites, blogs, publications (56.7%), issues and crisis management (56.7%) and leadership (46.7%). Other ideas suggested included public engagement, understanding the business side of how to manage a PR agency, tactical skills upgrading (such as PowerPoint) and hearing from political commentators about how PR can affect issues of the day.

  • You are interested in working toward credentials in management and engagement

Members indicated an interest in project management (56.6%), community engagement / public participation (43.5%), lean training (43.5%) and executive coaching (39.1%)

  • You are willing to travel to attend PD

Over one-third of respondents (36.7%) were willing to travel up to 25km one way, while another third (36.7%) were willing to travel up to 50km one way and almost one quarter (23.3%) were willing to travel up to 100km one way. No one suggested a preference for only online PD. Timing was raised as an issue, with one respondent suggesting that PD which requires travel is difficult to do over the lunch hour as it disrupts the work day too greatly.

  • Parking and registration fees are understandable

60% of respondents were willing to pay for parking, while 33.3% weren’t sure and 6.7% were opposed. One comment was provided to indicate that high parking fees ($20) would be a detractor as they add to the overall cost to attend. For PD events featuring a high profile speaker, 90% indicated they would be willing to pay a fee to attend.

Next steps:

The professional development committee will look at your feedback as we finalize our upcoming PD offerings, whether those be stand-alone sessions, or embedded into other events planned by other committees of the board.

Survey gift card winner:

Congratulations Michelle Edmonds! You are the lucky winner of the $25 Starbucks gift card, chosen by random draw. We will email you to arrange for delivery of your gift card.